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October 20, 2022

Let the Sun Shine In: Human Resources Done Right

Do human resource managers get a bum rap? Yeah, that can be a thing. People often limit their view of HR’s role to hiring, onboarding, explaining company benefits and firing. They may see HR managers as merely organizational glue between employees and management. Or, worse, they may see HR managers as being advocates for one “side” but not the other.

But what about an HR person who doesn’t take sides but purposes to facilitate human RELATIONS? What if they actually view their role as a unique opportunity to unite everyone individually and corporately? Of spurring on people to grow and develop, so they benefit themselves AND the organization?

Hey, it’s not a fantasy. At Accutherm Refrigeration, it’s something our HR manager Kristie Wakefield practices every single day.

Kristie’s job, as she sees it, is to partner with everyone at Accutherm, regardless of job description or level, to help them achieve their full potential.  

Need more training? She’ll hook you up. Want to make your voice heard, either up or down the corporate ladder? She’ll amplify your thoughts and ideas. Looking for someone who can fuel your career development? She’ll bring structure and accountability to the conversation.

Regardless of what the day brings or who’s involved, Kristie takes joy in being a counselor to many, providing needed information, a listening ear, and guidance toward the light.  

At some companies, “HR” can be a thankless job. But when you have authority, an attitude of gratitude and a desire to help people become the best version of themselves and their profession, there’s reward for all. Thanks, Kristie. We appreciate what you do and the attitude with which you do it. Smile on!

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