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October 13, 2022

Pursuing Excellence Is Always Fruitful

A job well done translates into bringing out the best. When you do a great job and care for things the right way, benefits result. That’s why pursuing excellence is always fruitful.

You may not often think about the benefits of proper refrigeration. But keeping perishable items at the right temperature consistently ensures maximum life and optimum flavor.

For example, should tomatoes be refrigerated or left at room temperature? Well, it depends. The science says ripe tomatoes should be stored on your counter uncovered if you’re going to enjoy them in the next few days. But beyond that, refrigeration is recommended to slow decay. After all, no one wants to eat a rotten, moldy tomato. Refrigerate your ripe tomatoes at the right temperature, and you’ll prolong their life and freshness.

Which brings us to an important point: To do anything right, whether it’s storing tomatoes or fixing fridges, you better do your homework and act wisely.

At Accutherm Refrigeration, our job is to ensure refrigerators, coolers, and display cases work as designed so fresh produce stays fresh, frozen food doesn’t thaw or get freezer burn, and food delivered to your supermarket or grocery store lives its longest, best life possible.

It’s why Accutherm focuses on catching commercial refrigeration problems early and getting to the true source of the problem right away.

Unfortunately, many refrigeration companies miss the warning signs of faulty refrigeration. As a result, leaks go undetected, and stores lose an average of 25% of refrigerant annually.  

That translates into a steady money drain and food products that can be, at worst, unsafe for the consumer and, at best, spoiled and thus dangerous to the grocery’s bottom line.

At Accutherm, we’re experts at detecting refrigerant leaks and other problems you may not notice until they become glaringly obvious—and highly expensive.

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, doing things right from the start sets you up to sell your perishable products at their best and keep big-ticket refrigeration repairs from cropping up.  

For a commercial refrigeration contractor you can trust to keep your store “fruitful,” call Accutherm Refrigeration at (800) 692-1228 or email us at [email protected].

We’ve been providing excellence in commercial refrigeration since 1999.

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