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August 18, 2022

Always Striving for Greater Excellence in Commercial Refrigeration Services

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” Famed NBA basketball coach Pat Riley may have been talking about the Lakers (or success in general), but it’s a quote we at Accutherm Refrigeration take to heart, and live by, each day.

Our promise is that we will continually seek ways to improve how we serve customers. Accutherm Refrigeration takes pride in being known as the best supermarket refrigeration company in our industry. We got there by hiring the right people, providing the right in-house training for our service technicians, and communicating well both inside and outside Accutherm’s walls and bright and shiny service trucks. 

Because we know not everyone speaks commercial or supermarket refrigeration, we work hard to interact with Accutherm customers in ways that are easy to understand. It starts with our friendly, smiling professionals who know the importance of treating everyone with integrity and respect. So that whenever and wherever you encounter Accutherm Refrigeration, from that first call with our dispatch agents to our construction manager leading your new commercial refrigeration build to our service department, all the way up to our CEO, you get helpful experts who use straightforward language—that lets you make informed decisions.

While things won’t always go perfectly, you’ll also have the confidence that comes from contracting with a company that strives to be better at what it does day after day, year after year.

People are at the core of Accutherm Refrigeration. That knowledge is how we’ve delivered greater and greater excellence in commercial refrigeration since Jeff Recker founded Accutherm in 1999. We may not play basketball, but we like to think our team would do Pat Riley proud.

Accutherm has been the leader in commercial refrigeration since 1999. Shoot us a note at [email protected] and let’s talk about how we can help your store achieve greater cooling excellence.

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