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August 16, 2022

The Best Commercial Refrigeration Company Requires the Best People

Proud of our team! We’ve worked hard over the past 22 years to get where we are in the industry. Accutherm’s reputation is all because of you. So, we work together to keep your trust!    

At Accutherm, we realize it takes a group effort to build a great company and keep it going strong. To become the best, most reliable commercial refrigeration contractor in the industry, we show up every day ready to work hard, collaborate and communicate to the best of our abilities. That’s how we can be a team of people who depend on each other while treating Accutherm customers with the utmost care and integrity.

One of our team strengths lies in the diversity of our group. By employing people of different ages, experience levels and backgrounds across all our departments, Accutherm excellence thrives. We’ve always valued people who bring variety to ideas and problem-solving. It’s true of how we interact as a work family and of how we serve those who depend on us to keep their supermarket refrigeration running reliably and efficiently.

Keeping things fresh—whether you’re talking groceries or company morale–means challenging and inspiring one another daily. At Accutherm, we always aim to excel—whether in the design, construction, maintenance, or repair of refrigeration systems for the big chain stores that contract with us.

We know how frustrating it can be to have a system that leaks refrigerant, needs retrofitting or an upgrade to satisfy the latest CARB requirements, or just flat out fails during business hours—or late at night. And we know how satisfying it is to show up at your store and make things right, so you can breathe easy and return to business as usual.

That’s OUR business, and we know we can only do it together. We appreciate the supermarkets that contract with Accutherm commercial refrigeration, so our team can be a part of yours. 

Accutherm has been the leader in commercial refrigeration since 1999. Shoot us a note at [email protected] and let’s talk about how our team can serve you!

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