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October 9, 2023

Cheers to Proper Beer Storage and Consumption

Between Oktoberfest and football tailgating, we’re at the height of beer season. Proper storage and consumption of beer is crucial for those who want a fresh and delicious brew. Despite what some believe, beer is not a non-perishable beverage. It has a limited lifespan, and the oils and acids in hops tend to degrade over time, especially when exposed to air, light, and warm temperatures.

To enjoy beer at its best, sour or hop-centric beers should be consumed fresh. High-alcohol beers can stay on the shelf longer. Unpasteurized beer needs to be consumed within three months and kept in the fridge during that time. Pasteurized beers have a longer lifespan and can be consumed up to a year after bottling if they are stored upright in a dark place. It is important to keep beer away from light to prevent skunking and in an upright position to minimize contact with air.

When it comes to storing beer in grocery stores or supermarkets, it is crucial to correctly stock and manage beer cases. Overstocked open cases can lead to problems such as inadvertently pushing product and bending sheet metal which in turn can collapse the back wall and change the airflow throughout the case. Bent shelves that are stocked beyond their weight limits can also become a problem. In short, avoid overloading open beer cases to prevent energy inefficiencies and excess costs.

To ensure that your beer stays cool and fresh, contact Accutherm today. We offer cooling solutions for all varieties of brews.

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