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August 16, 2023

Cool Moves: Trending Towards Nature

What’s coming next in refrigeration? Well, it’s more like what’s already on its way.

Supermarkets are using new refrigeration technology to reduce CO2 emissions. Companies like Food Lion are committed to using low-GWP refrigerants and testing alternative systems. Propane (R290), with a limitation of 150g, is proving to be an efficient and reliable solution for smaller fixtures.

Grocery stores that prioritize efficiency and smart planning work with refrigeration contractors that are experts in both conventional systems and more sustainable options Accutherm is an expert in retrofitting higher-GWP gases with lower-GWP refrigerants.

“Many customers don’t realize they can reuse gas in their own stores. The goal is to not buy high-GWP gas, it’s to use what you already have. Thinking ahead saves customers a lot of headache and costs, by proactively retrofitting stores and banking the gas to lower their overall costs for refrigerant. It’s all about managing your refrigerant in your stores to keep high-cost gas purchases to a minimum,” says Jeff Recker, CEO of Accutherm.

If you’re interested in learning more about energy-efficient refrigeration systems, let us know your questions in the comments or send us a message.

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